Youth Job Market, Play and Creativity


The World Economic Forum asks: Is Higher Education Preparing Youth for the Job Market?

In this recent article by the World Economic Forum, while over 70 million young people globally are looking for work, millions of vacancies remain unfilled.  In countries recently surveyed by the OECD, 39 million young people are not in education or employment (NEET); yet universities around the world are graduating qualified graduates.  So what is happening?

Professorship of Play in Education, Development, and Learning

As you have likely heard, Cambridge is hiring a Professor of Play and the position is being funded via an endowment fund from the organization that is built around play, LEGO. Check out Brick by Brick: Inside Lego – a short video by Bloomberg on the Lego organization and how it re-established its vision for play.

Creativity Rubric

Speaking of play … a thank you to Trevor Andrew Bryan for his posting of the Creativity Rubric.  To Bryan’s point, there is a vast difference between drawing Donald Duck and creating Donald Duck!  As creativity is deemed a 21st Century skill, continued discussion around what constitutes creativity is relevant as are the review and development of tools that can assist educators in supporting the evolution of creativity- infused teaching and learning.  You can learn more by visiting the blog 4 O’Clock Faculty.

Educator’s Guide to Pinterest

If you have wondered how to introduce Pinterest into your instructional design and teaching and learning practice, this is a good place to start.

Hope for Handwriting

Welcome Gracious Eloise – the API opens up and can digitize anyone’s handwriting. The early focus for Gracious Eloise is gift registries, greeting cards, ecommerce, CRM, direct mail, and digital (as in, hooking up your chat applications or email to the API to let you send digital messages in your own handwriting)… this allows a nice personal touch to our digital world.

Cheers to the week that was and the week ahead!

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