Welcome Back! … Survey Finds, French Marketplace and Online Learning


Deloitte Releases its 2015 Human Capital Report

More than 3,300 organizations from 106 countries contributed to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 survey, assessing the importance of specific talent challenges and their readiness to meet them.

This report explores 10 major trends that emerged from Deloitte’s research, which reflects four major themes for 2015: leading, engaging, reinventing, and reimagining. There is also a nifty dashboard tool which makes it quite fun to engage with the data.

The Current and Future State of Corporate Learning Modalities

Over this summer, Chief Learning Officer magazine released a report of findings from their April 2015 survey where they asked over 400 Learning and Development professionals to share their experiences (hits and misses) in regards to learning modalities.  Some findings include:

  • Which learning modalities are favored over others.
  • Reasons why certain modalities have not been adopted.
  • Primary use cases for the nine most popular learning modalities.

Top 10 Ted Talks for Educators

Thank you eLearning for mining this top ten list of Ted Talks for education professionals.  If you have 18 minutes to spare and want to get inspired about our amazing industry, tap into this list.

Bonjour Kokoroe!

Not only does the name just roll of the tongue, the concept is pretty intriguing.  Kokoroe  is a marketplace for courses – instructor led courses that is! On the Kokoroe’s website, you can find a guitar teacher or a photography teacher and book a course in a few clicks. Teachers can also find students and manage their planning on the same website.  While the startup launched just five months ago in France, there are already 2,500 teachers covering more than 300 different courses. Is this a platform to advance freelance teaching? It is reminiscent of Reedsy – the site that was started for freelance authors …

Online Learning Budgets

Learning Solutions Magazine provided a nice list in their August article: Eight Best Ways to Spend Your Online Learning Budget.  Item number one on the list: “Invest in the technology know-how of the learning and development team if you can to make the most of any online learning spend” – great advice indeed!

Cheers to the week that was and the week ahead!

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