Online Safety, Global Education Reports & Transformation

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Back to School – Welcome 2016-2017!

Back to School and Safety Online

A thank you to  Kerry Gallagher and the Connect Safely organization from Massachusetts who provided a few reminders on online safety as we head back to school and engage students and one another in online, digitally social environments.  Also GOOGLE is doing their bit with the release of some helpful videos and tips which educators can readily retrieve from the Google Safety Centre.  Let’s be sure to promote online learning and safe learning environments this school year!

UNESCO Education Monitoring Report 2016

UNESCO published the 2016 Education Monitoring Report and dialogues have ensued this past week at the UN in New York where UNESCO’s Director General stated, “educating children is a development imperative“.  The report presents 3 key messages: (1) new approaches in education are urgently needed as trends indicate by 2030 we will continue to have 30% of children from low income countries not completing elementary school; (2) if we do not act with urgency and long-term commitment for education goals we will hamper other development goals to reduce poverty, empower gender equality and ensure more inclusive societies; (3) we must change how we think about education and its role in human well being and global development.

OECD Education at a Glance Report 2016

Also this past week (Septembet 15, 2016), OECD released it Education at a Glance Report where you can review overarching trends as well as specific findings to any of the 35 OECD countries listed.  OECD provides data on structures, finances and overall performance of education systems from around the globe.  A few highlights about Canada – we have the largest share of tertiary-educated adults when compared against all OECD countries; the gap between men’s and women’s earnings is larger in Canada than the OECD average; Canada spends more per tertiary student than almost all OECD countries.

Learning & Development Transformation

This past summer, I was immersed in reading about future workplace trends and am still reflecting upon Alec Ross’ insights in his book Industries of the Future (it will get you thinking for sure!)  I’m not reflecting in isolation by any means   – Sahana Chattopadhyay posted her views on about 4 reasons why L&D will be transformed… she had me at “the need for creating meticulously designed training programs will be gone“.

Chat soon!

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